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How to Sleep on Your Back During Pregnancy

During the final trimester of pregnancy, a woman has to sleep on her back because side and stomach sleeping have become impossible. Sleeping on your back during pregnancy is not always easy, but there are methods that can help you.


Things You’ll Need

  • A large comfortable bed
  • Several large pillows
  • Several smaller but firm pillows
  • A partner
  • Soothing music


6 Ways to Sleep on Your Back During Pregnancy

Back During Pregnancy

1. Buy a mattress that will accommodate your growing body.

You will need more room now to stretch out and become comfortable.


2. Buy a body-size pillow.

Place this pillow in the middle of the bed. This will be your anchor, where you can lean against it to support your ever-expanding belly.


3. Spot a few huge, firm pads behind your head and back.

Use these pillows for added support.


4. Buy two smaller, longer decorative pillows that are meant to create a fashionable bed.

Place one on each side of your body so you can place your arms on them. These pads will give you included help and cause you to feel increasingly good.


5. Listen to music that soothes your mind as well as your aching, tired body.

Music you enjoy will help make you feel better and may even soothe the baby into a relaxing sleep.


6. Ask your partner to rub your back.

Think positive thoughts and drift off into a deep, restful sleep with your new comfortable pillows.


Tips and Warnings

  • Peruse home stores for the perfect pillows for your added support.
  • Don’t buy pillows that are too firm. Test the pillows first before you buy them.


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