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How to Show Respect to Employees

Being a boss is not always easy. There are so many factors and variables that employers have to take into account on a day-to-day basis, it’s easy to forget some of the seemingly smaller details.

But if you manage people, and you want them to be as productive for the company as possible, there are a few things you have to do to make sure they are as invested as you are. The main component in a work relationship, or any relationship, is respect.


5 Steps to Show Respect to Employees

Show Respect to Employees


1. Talk Politely To Your Employees Face-to-Face When Possible

Not every request you make has to come in the form of a new memo. Although memos are important for documentation purposes and do save time, face time is also important. For example, discuss the company’s wishes kindly during a morning meeting.

This way, you humanize people, and it doesn’t feel like you are barking orders like they are robots. Face-to-face interactions also allow employees to clear up any confusion they may have about a new policy, which makes them feel more comfortable and helps the business run more smoothly.


2. Invest in Your Employees

You can do this by allowing them to share their opinions openly. Considering that they are doing the “worker bee” portion, they may have some good ideas about how to make work more cost- and time-efficient.

Further, if you implement any of their suggestions, it shows that you respect what they do. Even if you can’t implement the suggested changes, you can tell them why. This lets them know that you care and really are listening. They may work harder for you out of appreciation and mutual respect.


3. Watch Your Tone

Don’t be condescending, and don’t reprimand anyone in front of a group. If there is a situation you have to handle, and it requires some kind of warning or cautioning, do it in private. If you embarrass people in front of their coworkers, they will have a hard time not taking it personally. Further, coworkers will be wary of you, because no one likes that feeling.


4. Help out When You Can

If the workplace gets busy, lend your employees a hand every now and again. This shows them that you are on their team and don’t consider their work to be beneath you. Employees are often impressed when bosses put work first and pride second.


5. Treat Everyone Equally

Everyone should have the same warnings and consequences. Don’t let certain people get away with working less or making multiple mistakes without repercussions. It is not fair to the group. People don’t like being reprimanded, but employees will respect your ability to make sure that everyone is held to the same set of rules.


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