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How to Send a Message of Love

Everyone wants to hear those “three little words” from their partner on a regular basis, but as meaningful as it is, saying, “I love you” is not the only way to send a message of love.

Love is conveyed by many small and large actions in a relationship and in fact, many men prefer using actions over words to show their love, according to psychiatrist Scott Haltzman. Keep your heart and your creativity open and you’ll never run out of ways to send a love message.


10 Ways to Send a Message of Love

How to Send a Message of Love

1. Place a note in your loved one’s pocket that recalls a favorite memory the two of you have shared.


2. Send him an email listing 10 things that you appreciate about him.


3. Send her flowers at work or home.

Compose a personal message to be delivered with the flowers—something secret between the two of you is best.


4. Bring your partner a nice lunch at work.

Don’t expect him to have the time to eat with you since you are showing up unannounced, Remember that the message of love is in your thoughtfulness, not in what he can do for you.


5. Send her a love note in the mail.

Even at times when she might be expecting a card, such as on her birthday or Valentine’s Day, getting a card in the mail is a sweet, unexpected surprise that shows you were thinking ahead.


6. Spell out “I love you” on the bedroom ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars.


7. Write a short message of love on the driveway or an a walking/jogging route that your loved one takes regularly.

Use sidewalk chalk to write the message and it will easily wash away with a hose or the next rain.


8. Brag about your partner in front of your friends.

When he hears you talking about something nice he did or a good idea he had, he’ll feel loved and valued.


9. Set the breakfast table for her.

Get up earlier than your partner and take a few minutes to set out her favorite cereal, a glass of juice and the creamer for her coffee. Leave a nice note on the napkin and she’ll start her day knowing she is loved.


10. Give a gift for no reason.

Buy your loved one a book, show tickets, a trinket or a DVD that he mentioned wanting. This kind of thoughtfulness shows that you are listening and sends the message that he is loved.


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