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How to Search for Self Identity

The search for self-identity seems to be a fundamental aspect of the human condition. Indeed, Socrates called the unexamined life a life not worth living. This may be because if a person does not look back and learn from any mistakes she has made, her life is not likely to gain any level of contentment and she may seem doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

On the other hand, too much self-analysis may take away from the joys and spontaneity of living. However, there are particular times in life when the search for self-identity seems at the forefront of a person’s life. Many young people, or those who have experienced crisis or change may feel driven to look deeper into their own hearts.


6 Steps to Search for Self Identity

Self Identity

1. Look close to home, at your family of origin, your partners, children and close friends.

These relationships, though they may seem to restrict you sometimes, are probably central to who you are.


2. Try to move on from childhood trauma or poor past relationships.

Many people are walking about unhappy because they are unable to deal with events in the past. If you are unable to put such things in their place, consider seeing a counselor.


3. Write down your school or work achievements and study the list.

You may feel that while you have followed the conventional road to success, there is a part of you that is unfulfilled. Many people have a talent or strong interest, but life gets in the way. This may be in a sport, an academic area of study, music, art or writing. Set a goal of building this dream into your daily life. This will help you feel more like yourself.


4. Consider the spiritual aspects of life.

There are many ways to meet spiritual needs. Some people go to church regularly, others meditate. Incorporating some spiritual exploration and solace into your life will enrich it.


5. Look after your physical health.

Most people feel calmer and better about themselves after exercise and fresh air.


6. Look outside yourself.

It is not beneficial to be too self-absorbed, and you can learn a lot by immersing yourself in the lives of others. This can take many forms. You could volunteer to work with the homeless, or you could begin to get politically engaged. Read about people you admire. It can give you an insight into how other people think and behave.


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