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How to Revoke a POA

A power of attorney is a legal document which allows a person to appoint someone else (referred to as an “agent”) to perform certain tasks specified in the power of attorney document.

Frequently, after executing a power of attorney, an individual may seek to revoke the power of attorney. The reason for the revocation could be due to the person’s distrust of the agent, a change in circumstances or to appoint a different agent. In any instance, here are the steps you must take to do so.


4 Steps to Revoke a POA

How to Revoke a POA

1. Retrieve the power of attorney one seeks to revoke

Review the power of attorney in order to verify the name of the person or persons named as the agent.


2. Contact the agent in order to advise that the power of attorney is revoked and therefore no longer in effect

Either a written or typed letter may be utilized, and you should send the letter by certified mail, return receipt requested, so that you have proof that the agent received the letter. It is also a good idea to verbally advise the agent that the power of attorney is no longer in effect.


3. Destroy the original power of attorney by ripping it, shredding it or otherwise disposing of the document.


4. In the event that the power of attorney has already been utilized.

You may wish to contact any entity with whom the agent may have dealt in order to ensure that that entity is aware of the fact that the agent no longer has any authority.


Tips and Warnings

  • Technically, once a person issues a new power of attorney, the older power of attorney is immediately revoked. However, it is imperative that you contact the former agent in such an instance.
  • This article does not constitute legal advice. Whenever one seeks to modify legal documents, it is advisable to contact an attorney.


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