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How to Rescue a French Bulldog

If you’re thinking of purchasing a French Bulldog, consider rescuing one instead. These stocky-bodied, tough-looking dogs are much more lovable than they appear. Also called “Frenchies,” these friendly, companion dogs make great pets but should live indoors due to their inability to regulate their body temperature well.


Rescue a French Bulldog

Rescue a French Bulldog


1. Locate a French Bulldog Rescue Organization

One national organization is the French Bulldog Rescue Network. It aims to adopt rescued French Bulldogs locally. Check the French Bulldog Rescue Network’s website to see if there are available dogs in your area. Ask the Humane Society about local French Bulldog rescue organizations. The Humane Society will be able to connect you with them.


2. Fill Out an Adoption Application

Most French Bulldog rescue organizations require you to fill out an extensive questionnaire. Be prepared to answer questions about your home, family, other pets, lifestyle, past experience with dogs and your reasons for adopting a rescue dog. Have a list of personal references as well as veterinary and dog groomer references. Most rescue organizations require them.


3. Pay the Required Adoption Fee

Although most French Bulldog rescue organizations are non-profit, there are many costs that they incur while caring for the rescue dogs. These include the cost of dog food, relevant supplies, veterinary care, spaying or neutering and micro-chipping. Make an additional donation if you wish to support the work of the rescue organization.


4. Prepare Your House for Your New Dog

Puppy-proof your house even though you may be adopting a full-grown adult. You do not know the French Bulldog’s history and want to provide him with a safe environment. Move any poisonous plants, medicines, cleaning products and insecticides out of the dog’s reach. Cover your electrical cords with flexible tubing to protect him from accidental electrocution if he chews. Make sure your outside fence is secure so that you can safely let your dog out to use the restroom.


5. Know What it Takes to Care for a French Bulldog

Read books about the breed, talk to a veterinarian and look over online resources. Locate books about the French Bulldog Breed online at Well Bred Pets.


Tips & Warnings
Give special love and attention to your rescued French Bulldog. Rescue dogs often have a history of abandonment and may seem skittish at first. Spend as much time as possible with your dog to help him adjust to his new environment.



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