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How to Replace the Handles on a Jump Rope

Jumping rope, the exercise taught in nearly every elementary school in the country, is an effective workout at any age. Unfortunately, you cannot select a custom handle when you purchase your brand new, shiny jump rope, but there is an upside: You can change the handles to ones that fit more comfortably or ones that fit your individual style.

There are three handle styles you will encounter when changing out your handles. Some require tools, and some do not.


Things You’ll Need

  • Electrical tape
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers


Handles on a Jump Rope


Handle Exchange with Rope Running Into Handle

Locate the edges of the covers capping the ends of the handles. Pop the cover off the top of both handles with a fingernail. Alternatively, wrap electrical tape around the end of a flathead screwdriver and pry off the caps. Set the caps aside.

Push the handles down the rope to expose the rope ends. Examine the ends of the rope. You will find either a knot or a crimped metal sleeve. Untie both knots, using needle-nose pliers if the knot is pulled tight. If you see a crimped sleeve, squeeze the crimps with the needle-nose pliers to loosen them. Remove the handles.

Slide the new handles over the ends of the jump rope. Tie a new knot or tighten the crimped sleeves to finish the rope ends. Pull the handles to the ends of the rope and reinstall the caps.


Changing Handles on Bearing-Style Jump Ropes

Turn the thumbscrew — located to one side of the lower eyelet — counterclockwise to loosen its grasp from the rope. Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to turn the screw if you cannot turn it with your fingers. Slide the thumbscrew clamp off the end of the rope, and pull the end of the rope through the eyelet. Remove the other handle from the jump rope.

Thread one inch of the jump rope through each of the new handle’s eyelets. Slide one thumbscrew clamp over each end of the rope. Hand tighten each thumbscrew to secure the handles.


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