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How to Repair Broken Self Confidence

The way you see the world begins with the way you see yourself. When you cultivate high self esteem and awareness, you invite positive energy and powerful, uplifting relationships into your life.

Your self confidence can open the door to a number of possibilities and will enrich your day-to-day experience tremendously.


4 Steps to Repair Broken Self Confidence

Broken Self Confidence

1. Let Go of the Past

What you have experienced and where you’ve been does not necessarily dictate your direction. Let go of relationships and ideas that no longer serve you. For example, make a list of all the experiences that made you feel shame, worry or sadness. Make another list of what you can do to change it. This exercise will help you to confront and eliminate the issues that have held you back and allow you to move forward.


2. Exercise

Explore creative writing, running or yoga to stimulate your mind and body. These activities are not only good for your physical health, but they are also effective in helping you to center yourself and think clearly.


3. Make New Friends

When you seek relationships with positive people, your self confidence will increase by proximity. Focus your energy on people who have healthy habits and you may find yourself engaging in similar behavior.


4. Love Yourself

Although it may seem easier said than done, the best way to improve your self confidence is by giving yourself the love you seek. Write down as many positive things about yourself as you can think of. Post this list in a visible area, such as your bedroom or near the front door. Look at your list every day as a reminder of how great you are.


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