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How to Rent a Fetal Doppler Monitor

Fetal Dopplers allow you to hear your baby’s beating heart from as early as eight weeks of pregnancy, says StorkRadio.com. These units are routinely used during visits to your doctor throughout pregnancy but many companies now offer Dopplers to rent for home use for a monthly fee.

The Doppler is ideal for women who worry about their baby’s health and want reassurance that his heart beat is healthy or for women who want to bond with their babies from the earliest stages of pregnancy.


Rent a Fetal Doppler Monitor

Fetal Doppler Monitor


Speak with your doctor before ordering your Doppler. Dopplers are considered class II medical devices, so the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that you receive your doctor’s consent before renting and using a fetal Doppler, according to StorkRadio.com.

For the best variety and quality of Dopplers, choose an online rental company that stocks FDA-approved Dopplers.

If your only concern is hearing the baby’s heart beat, choose a basic, audio-only model. If you prefer an upgraded model you can choose Dopplers with digital heart rate displays and heart beat recorders.

Decide how long you’d like to keep the Doppler. Many women return their Dopplers during the second trimester of pregnancy, once they can feel their baby move regularly, while others choose to keep the Doppler throughout the pregnancy so they can check their baby’s well-being at their leisure.

Decide whether you’d like to buy rental insurance. This typically costs about $20 and protects you in case of accidental damage to the unit. Note that this fee does not cover loss of the Doppler.

Be sure to purchase ultrasound gel along with your Doppler if the company does not offer it as part of the rental package.

You may need to provide a signed form from your doctor or your doctor’s phone number before you can place your order.

Return the Doppler at the end of the rental agreement to avoid additional fees.


Tips & Warnings

  • Most companies offer a lower monthly rental price in exchange for a longer rental period.
  • Keep the original box that your Doppler arrives in; it should contain a shipping return label as well as packaging that protects the unit during shipping so you won’t have to worry about damage when you ship it back to the rental company.
  • Don’t rent a Doppler from a company that does not require a doctor approval; the unit may not be FDA-approved.


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