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How to Reduce Stress Anxiety During Army Basic Training

The new environment and adjustment that joining the Army can present can overwhelm anyone on a day-in and day-out basis, especially during the beginning of an enlistment at basic training.

Overcoming and reducing this stress anxiety may seem impossible with the voice of a drill sergeant ringing in your ears and the constant new information being thrown in your direction. In order to wear the army greens, everyone has to undergo basic training and knowing how to reduce stress anxiety will be helpful to having a successful experience.


5 Steps to Reduce Stress Anxiety During Army Basic Training

Army Basic Training

1. Know what to expect before you get there.

Sometimes anxiety can be caused by the unknown and this is especially true during Army basic training. Talking with your recruiter to gain some insight on the not so appealing parts of basic will help to know what to expect and prepare for it both physically and mentally.

Gain as much information from both your recruiter and those you may know who have been in the Army about basic training to get as full a picture as possible.


2. Write your friends and family whenever possible.

Even though your days will be packed with work and training during basic in the Army, you will have time to write your loved ones.

Picking up a pen and placing it to paper in an expressive letter to your family or friends can help to relieve some of the stress that is associated with the rigors of basic training as it is a great outlet. Whoever receives the letter will likely be happy to hear from you and excited to hear about your training.


3. Take a mental vacation.

There will be times you may feel you can not take one more person yelling at you or ordering you around. This is not the time to speak out, but rather the time to use what you have to your advantage.

Your mind is still under your control and taking a small mental vacation by going to your favorite scene in your head will keep you motivated and give you a much needed break.


4. Stay squared away.

One of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety during army basic training is to prevent it in the first place.

Staying squared away by always having required tasks such as shined boots, a clean bay, locker and uniform will keep you from being the focus of a drill sergeant smoke session. Keep away from those who may try to distract you with negative or troubling behavior, as they will likely be caught and embarrassed in this environment.


5. Meditate to relieve stress and anxiety.

During free time in Army basic training, taking in some meditation to rid the mind and body of stress and anxiety can work miracles.

Simply closing your eyes and clearing your mind, praying or practicing deep breathing exercises while sitting in a comfortable position will do the trick when it comes to forms of meditation. You can also use this time to learn some of your book material about the Army that is necessary to pass basic training, such as your general orders.


Tips & Warnings

  • Get as much sleep as possible as this will help you to be more focused, energized and less likely to stress or be anxious.
  • During instances when stress or anxiety continues for extended periods of time, checking in with the mental health facility may be an option worth exploring as depression may be a result. This is especially true if you have recently suffered a personal tragedy of any type.


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