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How to Read a Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

The ancient Chinese gender prediction chart, according to legend, was found long ago in a tomb. Legend has it that it can predict the gender of a woman’s unborn child based on her age, calculated by inputting the month the child was conceived. Based on an unscientific survey of Internet pregnancy message boards, the chart has a fairly high rate of accuracy, but only you can know if the chart was correct after your baby is born.


5 Steps to Read a Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

1. Find an ancient Chinese gender prediction chart online.


2. Predict your unborn child’s gender.

Find your age at the time conception occurred; this number can be found across the top of the chart. Next, find the month during which conception occurred; this number is found down the left side of the chart. Find the point at which the correct column and row intersect. A pink square indicates the woman is having a girl, and a blue square predicts a boy. For example, a woman who conceived a baby in February at the age of 28 is supposed to have a baby girl.


3. Try the modern Chinese gender predictor chart.

This chart is similar to the ancient Chinese chart but takes the mother’s actual birthday and actual date of conception into account, not just the months or years that these events occurred. If you do not know the actual date of conception, you can enter your unborn child’s due date, although this method is not deemed as accurate as the conception date.


4. Locate a modern Chinese gender prediction chart online.


5. Enter your birth date and the date of conception or due date of your unborn child.

Click “Calculate” to see the results. It is this author’s personal experience that the Ancient chart was correct for her and the Modern chart was wrong.


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