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How to Promote Self-Confidence in Clinical Nursing Students

Most beginning clinical nursing students are apprehensive about their newly chosen career and the sometimes life-altering decisions it requires. It is up to educators to build lasting self-confidence in these students that they will possess throughout their nursing career.

The best way for instructors to promote self-confidence in clinical nursing students is by imparting the knowledge needed to complete the job correctly, helping students as they apply that knowledge, and supporting students despite mistakes.


How to Promote Self-Confidence in Clinical Nursing Students

Clinical Nursing Students

1. One must demonstrate self-confidence in order to teach it.

Lead by example and demonstrate self-confidence as well as show mastery of clinical nursing concepts.


2. Hands-on learning promotes self-confidence.

Understand students’ learning styles and use activities such as simulation and observation to enhance student experience.


3. Develop strong mentoring relationships with clinical nursing students.

Be sensitive to students’ needs to help them gain self-confidence. Show them support inside and even outside the classroom to help ease the transition from the classroom into the work environment.


4. Test students frequently so they know they can perform under pressure and remember their skills without hesitation.


5. Prove to students that they have the knowledge they need by allowing them to apply their skills in real, but carefully supervised, situations.


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