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How to Prepare for a Spouse’s Birthday

It is important to prepare a carefully thought out celebration when planning for your spouse’s birthday. Whether he or she enjoys the outdoors, weekend getaways, or time with family, make sure to follow these important steps.


3 Steps to Prepare for a Spouse’s Birthday

Spouse's Birthday

Put Thought into the Gift

When looking for the perfect gift we all seem to get anxious. Make sure you take time to remember if you have received any clues over the past several months.

Everyone enjoys giving a gift that they know the recipient wants to receive. Also, the recipient is all the more grateful to receive a gift that they want and don’t necessarily need.


Keep your Spouse’s Feelings in Mind when Planning

What do they want to do for their big day? Does he/she enjoy surprises? If so, go for it! But if the answer is no refrain from planning a surprise party. Your spouse wants to see that you care for their feelings. Sometimes it is best to plan a getaway for the two of you.

Who better to spend your birthday than the person you love and admire most? If the stresses of every day life are getting to your spouse plan a vacation getaway.


Find the Perfect Location

Where does your spouse enjoy spending their free time? Does he/she enjoy the outdoors? Would your spouse prefer a restaurant setting? Do some research and voila.


Tips and Warnings

  • No matter how ridiculous, sing “Happy Birthday”. Whether it be first thing in the morning or latter in the evening that song never gets old.
  • Everyone enjoys a few decorations.
  • A birthday cake is always a must. Regardless if she is on a diet get the cake. It shows you care and today is not the day to count calories.
  • Keep today positive and upbeat. We all love to feel like a kid again. There is no harm in goofing off on your birthday.


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