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How to Play Office Pranks

You spend eight hours every day with the same people, five days of the week, 12 months of the year. And be honest, don’t some of these people get on your very last nerve?

What better way to pay them back for making your life just a little more difficult than to prank them endlessly, day after day, so you can giggle to yourself in your little cubical. Read on to learn how to play office pranks.


5 Steps to Play Office Pranks

Play Office Pranks


1. Pick a target.

You could target your coworker who talks loudly on his cell phone all day about his plans for the weekend. Or maybe the woman who brings in pictures of her grandchildren every day and makes everyone “ooh” and “ahh” over how cute they are.


2. Come into work early or stay after everyone else has gone home.

You’ll want the office to be completely empty so you can carry out your prank without getting caught. If the office isn’t empty, at least make sure you’re being stealthy. Recruit coworkers you’re friends with to stand lookout.


3. Carry out your prank.

Cover everything in their office with plastic wrap or tin foil. Remove all but two or three staples from their stapler every night so every morning they have to refill it. Hang up pictures of Richard Simmons on every square inch of their office.


4. Take pictures so you can enjoy your hard work for years to come.

Post them on the Internet for others to enjoy.


5. Wait for your coworker to come into work and en joy their reaction.



Tips & Warnings

The ultimate office prank, popularized by both the British and American versions of “The Office,” is to put something that belongs to your coworker into a mold of Jello. Whether it’s a stapler or a coffee mug, this is the prank to end all pranks.


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