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How to Play Music for a Baby in the Womb

A baby can hear by the 28th week of pregnancy, according to the “Noise and the Pregnant Woman” article published by Occupational and Environmental Medicine department at Michigan State University in the fall of 2003.

Unborn babies tend to react to sound; particularly familiar sounds, such as her mother’s voice. Playing music for your baby while she’s still in the womb can encourage a deeper bond between the two of you, especially if you continue the bonding time after she’s born.


Things You’ll Need

  • Music player
  • Speakers or headphones


How to Play Music for a Baby in the Womb

Music for a Baby in the Womb

Select a few different songs or types of music you’d like to expose your baby to. Playing the same song over and over may irritate your baby, just as it would irritate you. Instead, put together a play list of different songs that you enjoy and see which ones your baby reacts to, either by settling down or becoming more active.

Adjust the volume on your personal music player or stereo to a level that is comfortable for you. The volume does not have to be louder for the baby to hear it, as sounds are amplified through the amniotic fluid.

Position yourself near the speakers or place the headphones around your abdomen. Play music for your baby at a time when you can relax so he can feel your relaxed, happy emotions.


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