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How to Place Rose Petals on a Bed

Keeping romance alive takes a bit of thought and effort. One impressive way to create a romantic atmosphere is by scattering rose petals on a bed.

This time-honored tradition takes relatively little time to execute. It does require some effort and planning, however. This is also a romantic way to celebrate a special occasion, such as an anniversary or birthday.

Add a special gift if you like, perhaps placed on a pillow, for an extra surprise.


Things You’ll Need

  • Rose petals


7 Steps to Place Rose Petals on a Bed

How to Place Rose Petals on a Bed

1. Phone a few florists and ask if they sell rose petals.

Many sell just the petals in bags.


2. Select the color of your choice.

If you’re concerned about staining, opt for a lighter color, such as white or pink, instead of red.


3. Buy at least one full rose on a long stem.


4. Set up the rose petals while your loved one is out of the house.


5. Make the bed and tidy the bedroom.


6. Scatter rose petals on the bed.

You can place them in a heart shape, spell a name or simply scatter them in a pleasing random fashion. Put the long-stemmed rose (thorns removed) on a pillow or other prominent place.


7. Create a trail of rose petals from the front door to the bedroom, if you have enough petals.


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