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How to Personalize Your Office Cubicle Space At Work

Going to a drab cubicle space every day can be a little depressing. Looking at the same boring walls and computer while you work can really put a damper on your spirits.

If you need a pick-me-up, spice up your work station with a few personalized items. Check with your boss before you decorate to make sure that your company allows you to personalize your cubicle.


Things You’ll Need

  • Family Picture
  • Small Bulletin Board
  • Small Dry Erase Board
  • Small Decorative Seasonal Items


How to Personalize Your Office Cubicle Space At Work

Office Cubicle Space At Work

1. Organize your workspace so you have plenty of room for your personal items.

File all of your projects and give everything a thorough cleaning.


2. Put up a small bulletin board and tack family pictures to it.

Add personal items such as children’s drawings as well. If you are part of a organization, tack up a sign or sticker that shows off your affiliation.


3. Display memorabilia of your favorite sports team to add a personal touch.

If you’re not a sports fan, display items that show your interests. You can display plants if you have a green thumb or tack up a joke or witty phrase if you enjoy humor.


4. Don’t go too far with your decorating.

You don’t want distract yourself or be a distraction to others. Never post material that could be construed as offensive or inflammatory.


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