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How to Overcome Stage Fright Fast

While stage fright is a natural response to what many people consider a scary situation, it is almost never welcome. If you have ever found yourself feeling overwhelmed with fright before an important presentation or speech, you probably want to learn how to prevent it from happening ever again.

Although stage fright is something that you may always struggle with, there are ways to reduce your symptoms to a manageable level.


Things You’ll Need

  • Inspirational poetry or music
  • Index cards for notes
  • Bottle of cool water
  • Pictures of loved ones


8 Steps to Overcome Stage Fright Fast

Overcome Stage Fright Fast

1. Practice your presentation or performance far ahead of time.

Pretend you are in front of an audience while you practice.


2. Sleep as much as you can the night before your performance.

According to dancehelp.com, sleeping at least nine hours the night before a performance will help relieve tension and prepare your mind and body.


3. Arrive to your venue early and take a walk around to absorb your environment.

Practice your presentation or performance once more, imagining a happy and receptive audience in front of you.


4. Write any notes you may need on index cards rather than paper because your audience may be able to see the paper shaking if you are trembling.


5. Read an inspirational poem or listen to relaxing music to help ease your tension before you go on stage.

Avoid participating in any stressful conversation that may further add to your nervousness.


6. Take a cool drink of water shortly before you are expected to walk on stage.

Yawn and take a few deep breaths to help calm and focus your mind. Look at pictures of loved ones to help you feel more relaxed.


7. Lean against the podium while giving a speech if you feel your knees tremble.

Avoid holding the microphone in your hand until your nervousness subsides.


8. Establish eye contact with several faces in the audience.

Find a friendly face to look at when you start to feel insecure.


Tips and Warnings

  • Try joking out loud with your audience about your fear if you feel they may be picking up on your nervousness while giving a speech. Chances are, many people will identify with your situation.
  • Remind yourself that while it may be distressing, the world will not end if you mess up your performance or presentation. Remember that you are your own worst critic and that your audience generally wants you to succeed.
  • As stated by Tom Antion of the National Capital Speakers Association, stage fright is only one-tenth as noticeable to your audience as it is to you.


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