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How to Overcome Self Barriers

We tend to be blind to our own faults and weaknesses and so never fix the problems that keep us from greater success. Our self barriers can be short-term or they can be ones that are unlikely to change quickly.

Either way, if you want to overcome these barriers, it will take a bit of work. This work can sometimes be done alone, but other times the help of a professional such as a therapist or psychologist may be needed.


3 Steps to Overcome Self Barriers

Overcome Self Barriers

1. Identify Your Barriers

Before you are able to overcome any of your self barriers, you must first identify what they are. This step may take the longest as some people do not realize what is preventing them from reaching their goals in the first place. Take your time, ask friends and family for their input and really look into yourself to see what your personal self barriers are.


2. Make a Commitment and Set Goals to Overcome Your Self Barriers.

Making a formal commitment and writing it down on paper as well as telling another person will help you stay on track to meet your goals. Goals can be as simple as “not eating fast-food meals for a week” for those who have self barriers which prevent them from losing weight. They can also be as complex as “get through the emotional toll that my mother’s death has put on me” for those suffering from extended issues due to a death in the family.

Once you have set your goals and written them on paper, decide on a plan of attack. How will you get there? Will you complete steps day-by-day or is this something that will be worked through on a sporadic basis?


3. Seek Professional Treatment

A writer on the Self Help Tree website says that if your self barriers “are too great for you to knock down on your own, a therapist can be worth considering. Whether you seek out a professional hypnotist or a psychologist, an expert can help you search out the roots of the problems so you can overcome them once and for all.”


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