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How to Obtain a Subpoena Through Probate Court in Virginia

Working through the court system to obtain a subpoena will require the help of a lawyer and extensive documentation; you also must be aware of Virginia’s probate courts and their requirements.


Things You’ll Need

  • Lawyer
  • Documentation related to the probate issue
  • Request for witness subpoena form

3 Steps to Obtain a Subpoena Through Probate Court in Virginia

Probate Court in Virginia


1. Discuss the probate litigation with your lawyer before trying to obtain a subpoena on information.

Out-of-court mediation may reduce or eliminate the need for a court-issued injunction and help keep your legal costs low.


2. Get a request for witness subpoena form.

Your lawyer must fill it out and return it to the circuit court for approval before the witness can be subpoenaed. You can find subpoena forms at a circuit court or on Virginia’s Court System website.


3. Have the subpoena delivered to the witness.

It is the lawyer’s responsibility to ensure the delivery of a subpoena order by the court. Prepare to appear in court for the delivery of evidence by the subpoenaed witness.


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