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How to Naturally Increase My Metabolism With Homeopathic Medicine

Perfect metabolic arrangement is the secret of a perfect body. Any junk food or nutritional food you eat is readily combusted by the body to produce calories of energy that are utilized in carrying out chores and functions of everyday life.

Eating a low-calorie diet or a diet with less nutritional value on regular basis can slow down the process of the metabolism, which is then manifested with signs of fatigue, constipation, low blood pressure and drying of skin.

Metabolism can also face a slow down because of genetic predisposition. The science of homeopathy helps in overcoming the issue of a slow metabolism. Herbs and plant essences are the main ingredients of homeopathic medicines used to aid the metabolism.


5 Steps to Naturally Increase My Metabolism With Homeopathic Medicine

How to Naturally Increase My Metabolism With Homeopathic Medicine


1. Boil water and add 1 tsp of green tea or 1 tea bag of green tea to it.

Green tea is a thermogenic agent that aids in burning calories.


2. Add kelp to the boiled solution.

Kelp contains iodine that is essential for the functioning of thyroid gland. The addition of kelp to the solution of green tea aids in curing the condition of hypothyroidism that is sometimes the root cause of development of metabolic disorders.


3. Add mate to the solution only if you have you issues with caffeine.

In some individuals caffeine-containing products like coffee induce palpitation.


4. Add ginger, cinnamon and cayenne pepper to the drink.

These herbs also posses a thermogenic effect like green tea.


5. Add sugar substitute to this drink to improve the flavor.

Drink half a glass of this drink everyday.


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