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How to Motivate Healthy Changes

Motivation is the key to change. Whether you’re thinking about adopting a healthier diet, want to lose weight and exercise more, or simply want to improve your health by eliminating excess stress and anxiety, you’ll need to find the drive within yourself to do so.

Becoming aware that you need and want changes in your life is only one step in the process of your transformation. Possessing the internal drive to stick to these changes even before you see significant results is more a matter of mental determination than physical effort.


Things You’ll Need

  • Journal
  • Books
  • Gym membership
  • Day planner
  • Meditation class


6 Steps to Motivate Healthy Changes

Motivate Healthy Changes

1. Think about the consequences of not making any changes at all.

Most people are averse to change on some level, and would rather not make major life adjustments unless absolutely necessary. For instance, consider what you would do if you don’t search for another job that is less stressful. Your schedule would most likely stay extremely full, and you won’t have quality time to spend with loved ones.

You’d also be too exhausted to exercise or make home-cooked meals after work, which could lead to not eating regular meals, or grabbing unhealthy fast food, resulting in unwanted pounds and sluggishness.


2. Consider the pros to adjusting your life in a way that includes more healthy habits.

If you pursue a job that allows you to showcase your skill set and offers a less strenuous workday, you’ll have more time to tend to the other areas of your life, including working out regularly and maintaining an active social life. The reduced stress level you feel will result in improved mood and ability to think clearer.


3. Motivate yourself by keeping company with people who have already achieved what you’re aspiring to accomplish.

For instance, if you want to lose a significant amount of weight, talk to a family member who has done so and ask him about the lifestyle changes he made to get rid of the weight and keep it off. Adopt some of your loved one’s habits, like eating a healthy snack of raw fruits or vegetables a few times a day, or taking a walk after dinner.


4. Try something new that is related to the changes you want to make and pay attention to how you feel afterward.

If you’ve been seriously considering working out but have a rigorous work schedule, take a walk during lunch instead of staying at your desk. You may feel slightly invigorated after your lunch hour. When you step out of your comfort zone just a little and experience a noticeable change, this will motivate you to continue changing until you get the desired results.


5. Write in a journal every day to chart your progress.

When you are able to look back at past journal entries and notice that you’re closer to your goal, this will increase your drive to continue making healthy changes like ending toxic relationships, eating less processed foods, or working out at least three times a week.


6. Make a commitment that will prompt you to keep making the healthy changes you’ve started.

For instance, pay for a gym membership. You’ll be motivated to go to the gym so you won’t lose money. Or, take a meditation class to get pointers on how to change your mindset and stop resisting changes that are good for you.


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