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How to Motivate Creative People Including Yourself

People are motivated by different things. To get a person to create and be creative, you have to identify what that something is, including identifying the “something” that is motivating to you.

Motivating creative people, including yourself, can be a challenge because creative people have a bundle of unique, internal traits that often stand in the way of their reaching maximum motivation, such as self-critique, self-doubt and perfectionism.To motivate the creative person, including yourself, be careful not to hinder his creativity. Rather, encourage yourself to be creative and encourage others to be creative as well.


7 Steps to Motivate Creative People Including Yourself

Motivate Creative People

1. Identify the creative person’s motivators.

For example, ask yourself the question, “What gets me out of bed in the morning?” or “What makes me want to be successful?” Your answer, like those of others, may be one of four kinds of motivation: intrinsic, extrinsic, personal or interpersonal.


2. Identify which type you are.

Intrinsic motivation pertains to enjoying the work itself; extrinsic relates to the rewards for doing the work; personal motivation is tied to your value and what you think of yourself; and interpersonal motivation has to do with social and societal influences.


3. Find ways to keep yourself challenged.

Creative people tend to set high expectations for themselves, and their motivation can deflate with boredom. As such, come up with new things to try and new goals for what you want to accomplish, and change your work patterns and routines so that you don’t get bore.


4. Remind yourself of the purpose and meaning of your work.

Relate your work to your particular type of motivation. For instance, if you are motivated by money, then remind yourself that the work you’re performing will be met with financial rewards.


5. Set specific goals for yourself because goals can be natural motivators.


6. Allow yourself time and space to concentrate.

Minimize distractions and interruptions, if possible, and give yourself the freedom to do your work and follow your passion.


7. Remember to step back every now and then to recognize what you’ve accomplished and reflect on your effort and hard work.

Internally, praise yourself, and encourage yourself to continue on. Likewise, do the same for others.


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