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How to Meet a Man Online

Meeting men to date can be difficult for everyone, especially busy singles or single parents or older people who may not meet many new eligible men. The internet is a great way of meeting new people and possibly finding a man to date.


Things You’ll Need

  • Computer
  • Time


5 Steps to Meet a Man Online

Meet a Man Online

1. Find an online dating service or group that you are interested in joining.

Online dating services are usually your best bet, since men there are looking to meet women too. However, you can also join online groups about things you are interested in and as you make friends with people that share your interest, you might stumble upon the man of your dreams.


2. Post a profile detailing what you are looking for.

Be honest about yourself, as you would expect him to be honest as well. Eventually, you hope to meet this man in person so there is no point in lying. Be explicit about what you do and don’t want, but try to do so in a funny and interesting way that will make men want to get to know you.


3. Review the profiles of men in your area.

With online dating, you do not need to wait for a man to ask you out or approach you. It is completely acceptable for you to “wink” or email or initiate contact. If you see a man you are interested in, send a friendly greeting and see what happens. Remember, not every person you write to will write back, so don’t get discouraged.


4.Review the men that write back to you or that write to you.

You may get lots of emails, which can be flattering. However, remember what you are looking for and make sure that the men who are emailing you meet those qualifications.

A quick one sentence “want to chat” may signify that the man is not truly interested in getting to know you, while a longer email responding to things in your profile or things you said signifies that a man might be much more interested in really getting to know you.


5. After a few emails, move on to either phone contact or a real date.

You don’t want to establish a lot of intimacy via email only to discover you have nothing in common in person. Make sure you use common sense, and only meet people in a public place. Don’t go to strangers homes or get into cars with people you don’t know.


Tips & Warnings

  • Different dating sites are right for different people. Make sure you evaluate all the pros and cons of each before making a decision, or even use several at a time if you feel more comfortable exploring more options
  • Remember that people can lie over the internet, so use caution in evaluating potential dates and don’t automatically assume you can trust everyone you meet.


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