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How to Manifest Your Goals

People spend lots of time searching for the best way to achieve their goals. There are many schools of thought on how an individual can make their dreams come true. One thing’s certain: your goals will not manifest on their own.

You must take action to achieve what you want in life. There are some simple steps you can take that will set you on the path toward achieving your goals.


4 Ways to Manifest Your Goals

Manifest Your Goals

1. Identify your Goal

It’s easy to say you want to be successful, but “success” is such a generic term that you might not know it once you have it. So, be specific. If success is your goal, figure out what exactly success means to you.

Whether you want a net worth of a million dollars or to be surrounded by a huge family, you’ve got to have a tangible goal before you can even begin to work on achieving it. Picture yourself doing exactly what you’d like to be doing until you have a crystal clear picture of where you’d like to be in life.


2. Set Smaller Goals

The gap between a bank balance of zero and a champagne and caviar life seems like an impossible distance. But if you set small, intermediate goals on the way to your big goal, you’ll take some of the pressure off of yourself.

It’s a lot easier to save $50 than it is to save $50,000, so work on getting to your goal in small increments. Once you achieve the first of your small goals, set another higher one. Track your progress so you can pat yourself on the back as you hit each and every small goal.


3. Make Small Changes

Just as setting small goals makes your bigger goal seem less daunting, making small changes can make a huge effort seem easier. If your goal is to lose fifty pounds, and you plan to achieve it by drinking nothing but ice water and lemon juice, you’ve set yourself up to fail by attempting the impossible.

Make small changes throughout your day like swapping that buttery croissant for Greek yogurt and fruit or walking up to your third-floor apartment rather than taking the elevator. Small efforts can make a big impact when it comes to achieving your goals.


4. Stay Positive.

Your attitude can affect your progress toward your goal. If you focus on how impossible your goal is, you’ll set yourself up to fail. Concentrating on positive thoughts helps keep you committed and upbeat, making it easier to focus on the small goals and small changes it will take to manifest your goals.


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