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How to Make the Office Desk Lively

Your office desk is a very important space because it’s where you spend a great deal of your waking hours. Your desk is where you earn your living. Even though earning a living might not always be fun, it does not mean that you have to give up your humanity during work hours.

A little personality in your workspace can go a long way toward integrating your working life with your life in general and your desk is a natural receptacle for personal expression. If you’re looking to shift your attitude at work, one way to go about it is to liven up your office desk.


12 Steps to Make the Office Desk Lively

Office Desk Lively

1. Bring a part of your personal life to work.

Photographs, posters, pennants, trinkets, and books can all lend some personality to your workspace, as well as brighten your mood.


2. Show your personality through your decorations.

Everyone has his own preference for how much personal information to reveal at work. If you want to liven up your desk while keeping your personal life private, use decorations that reflect your character or tastes. You can also use decorations that relate to your company.


3. Build a small monument to one of your favorite hobbies or personal passions.

Whether you enjoy model airplanes, historical photographs, or knitted apparel, keeping your favorite items near can refresh your spirits.


4. Bring something to work that you enjoy that is not available at home.

This tip will give you something to look forward to other than work.


5. Display an elegant candy dish, bowl of fruit, or a rack of tea on your desk.

Consider keeping a teapot or an electric kettle (with the whistle muted), or some other food-related object with artistic value.


6. Redecorate your desk to commemorate the changing seasons and other special occasions.

You can be very creative and let your decorations reflect the events of your life.


7. Place fresh flowers on your desk a couple of times a week.


8. Place clear plastic on your desktop so that you can draw on your desk with dry erase markers.

This tip is handy not only for business purposes, but also to just make notes or jot down quotes. Another benefit is that you can cut down on the use of paper products, like sticky notes.


9. Put something funny on your desk.

It doesn’t have to amuse anyone but you.


10. Add conversation pieces to your desk.

A conversation piece provokes discussion by being unusual, conspicuous, or humorous. It can also be fun for your eyes only.


11. Decorate or upgrade the desk itself.

You could paint it, or have colleagues sign it, or write quotations all over it. If you have your own office, you might even consider building one yourself or having one custom-built for you. A custom desk expresses your tastes, which can improve your attitude.


12. Keep your desk clean.

Clutter reduces efficiency, increases stress, and counteracts the workspace liveliness you are trying to cultivate.


Tips and Warnings

  • Companies have different policies about how an employee can personalize his desk. Stay within the established limits. Don’t do anything to disrupt the workplace for your colleagues.
  • Be sensitive about religious or political paraphernalia that might fuel tension because of differing viewpoints or potentially offensive messages.
  • Use your judgment to decide whether your belongings will be safe at your desk. Theft is almost always possible. In some offices you might confidently display a crystal vase, while in others you might fear having even a simple coffee mug stolen. Use discretion when decorating your workspace, and, ultimately, don’t bring anything to work that you aren’t willing to lose.


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