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How to Make That First Wedding Anniversary Special

The first-year wedding anniversary is a milestone that should be celebrated in a special way. Even though what makes an anniversary special is completely subjective, you can do a few things to make that day feel extra special.

A set of ideas that would make the first anniversary special could point you in the right direction or spark a few ideas of your own.


5 Steps to Make That First Wedding Anniversary Special

First Wedding Anniversary Special


1. Renew your wedding vows if you want to show your love and affection toward your spouse.

Show your spouse that after one year of marriage, it’s still one of the best decisions you ever made. Vow ceremonies do not have to be expensive and elaborate. Renew your vows in the place you first met or kissed.


2. Plan a romantic night alone at home.

Order dinner, a bottle of champagne and watch your wedding video together. Reminisce and reflect on the year past and embrace how much you love one another.


3. Go on a dinner cruise if you live near the water.

Enjoy drinks and dinner aboard a boat while overlooking the city skyline behind you.


4. Plan a surprise second honeymoon if you can afford it.

Make arrangements with her employer in advance to keep it a surprise so that she does not have to worry about work.


5. Assemble a photo album of pictures from your first year of marriage.

Present it to him at dinner and go through the pictures together. Include a special note and letter at the end of the photo album that sums up how you feel about your first year of marriage together.


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