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How to Make My Life a Little Bit Brighter

Making life fun and interesting creates a happy environment and, therefore, a happier life. There are many ways to make your life a little brighter that don’t cost much or anything at all and they don’t take much effort, either.

Making a habit of these happiness options will result in a more invigorating life and positive outlook.


7 Steps to Make My Life a Little Bit Brighter

My Life a Little Bit Brighter

1. Realize that you are a person of worth and deserve to be happy.

Making time to think about yourself may seem selfish at first, especially if you spend much of your time serving or helping others (whether at home or at work). Being happy is about making time for yourself and then making the most of that time.


2. Get out of bed earlier than usual and use the time to appreciate quiet and beauty.

Whether you watch the sun rise over your garden or sip your favorite coffee in the still of the morning before the kids get up, a few minutes of personal space and contemplation in the morning can invigorate you for the entire day.


3. Start a new hobby or pastime that helps you feel good about yourself and gives you a way of expressing your personality.

Pottery, painting, drawing, music and dance are perfect for releasing pent-up creativity. Gardening, cycling, swimming and sports are active approaches to relieving stress and improving overall well-being.


4. Lose yourself in a good book.

This is classic advice but escaping realty and absorbing yourself in a fictional story gives you a mental break. This may be just enough of a break to improve your mood and calm your mind. Pick a childhood favorite and read aloud for added pleasure.


5. Treat yourself to a gift that has significance to you.

Whether a beautiful flower arrangement, gourmet chocolates, designer clothes, a day at the spa or the prefect antique, a happy gift makes for a happy person. Allowing yourself to be the recipient of your own gift is a great ego boost. Happy ego, happy id, happy you.


6. Enjoy nature.

Go for a walk in the park, hike the back hills or camp in the nearest national park. Getting closer to nature restores a sense of self and realty and allows you to put things back into perspective. Being surrounded by Earth’s natural wonders can have a profound positive effect.


7. Carve out pieces of time in between your responsibilities to others and devote those few minutes or hours to yourself.

Consider using them for meditation, yoga or journaling. Making life fun and peaceful for yourself improves your perspective and makes it easier to see the bright side of life.


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