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How to Make Changes in Your Life to Help You Become Fit & Healthy

The desire and commitment to lead a more healthy and active life may require adjustments to your current lifestyle. You can make changes in the way you live, both minor and major, to help ensure that the life you lead is as healthy as possible.

Becoming more fit and healthy requires discipline, but the rewards of a better life far outweigh the inconveniences associated with making those changes.


Things You’ll Need

  • Journal
  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Low-fat meats
  • Pedometer
  • Sneakers


5 Steps to Make Changes in Your Life to Help You Become Fit & Healthy

Help You Become Fit

1. Determine the areas of your current lifestyle that need to be changed.

Keep a journal and track everything that you do and eat for one to two weeks. Make sure to note every meal and snack, including all beverages, for the entire time.

Note in your journal the hours and times you work, sleep, eat, exercise and rest. Keep the daily entries as detailed as possible. If you smoke or drink alcoholic beverages, note the amounts consumed every day.


2. Stop smoking.

The cessation of smoking benefits not only your overall health and well-being, but also improves your appearance as smoking damages skin. You will increase the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream when you quit smoking.

Once you quit smoking, you will have a better ability to exercise as getting winded is an issue for the majority of smokers. Use smoking cessation products as advised by your doctor.


3. Alter your eating habits.

Review your journal entries to see when you eat the least healthy foods. For example, if you eat fast food for lunch during the week while at work, start packing lunch. Include healthier food options such as salads, fruits and sandwiches made with whole grain breads, and low-fat meats such as chicken and turkey.

Start cutting out fried foods, salt, sugar and fat from your diet. Swap whole-grain items for processed ones. Make dietary changes slowly in order to make the change toward better eating habits an easier adjustment.


4. Add more exercise to your daily routine.

Make small changes to your daily lifestyle. For example, opt to park farther away to force walking when entering and exiting buildings; take the stairs as opposed to the elevator; and use a pedometer to track and help increase the total amount of steps you take every day.

Keep a log of how and when you exercise. Talk to your doctor for additional ideas, based on your personal health and medical condition, in which you can incorporate exercising into your daily routine.


5. Change how you cook, clean and go about daily life.

Look at chemicals used for cleaning and switch to eco-friendly products to remove chemical toxins from your surroundings. Add air filters to your home to remove dust and particle matter from the air to make your surroundings cleaner and healthier.

Have your house cleaned professionally to remove dust, dirt and debris. Keep a clean and healthy home environment at all times to further support a better lifestyle.


Tips and Warnings

  • Consider cutting alcohol out of your diet or replace white wine with red wine based on the healthy heart properties associated with it.
  • Never make changes to your eating or exercise habits without first talking to your doctor if you are on prescription medication or have pre-existing medical conditions.


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