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How to Make a Subliminal Recording

Coming from the Latin “sub” meaning under, and “limen” meaning threshold, a “subliminal” message is theoretically under the threshold of your mind’s normal perception. The idea — not universally accepted — is that your unconscious mind is capable of hearing and absorbing a message that you are not consciously aware of hearing.

Writing in The New Psychology in 1898, E.W. Scripture was the first to describe the basic principles of this method of learning, motivation and self-improvement. A wide variety of modern software programs enable you to create your own subliminal messages. Creating your own recording gives you the freedom to tailor a message that’s specific to you and your needs.

And it gives you the security and confidence of knowing what’s on the recording is the message you need and intend to hear. After all, considering that the messages on CDs purchased from an online source are subliminal, you have no way of knowing if you really got the “stop smoking” message you ordered, or the “be a better partner” one.

So how can you craft a subliminal CD that’s exactly what you want? It’s not a complex process, but a little conscious thought up front can make a difference in the end result.


Things You’ll Need

  • Subliminal recording software
  • CD blank
  • Message you’d like to record
  • Background music for CD


4 Steps to Make a Subliminal Recording

Subliminal Recording

1. Choose a subliminal-software creation program.

There are many software programs that you can purchase and download for creating subliminal message CDs or MP3s. Options include Subliminal Cookbook, Custom Subliminal and Lucid Dreaming Kit.

Check the system requirements to make sure you have a compatible system. Speakers, microphone and a duplex sound card are generally required, along with a CD burner.


2. Develop a subliminal message.

It should be in the first person and stated in positives. For example, “I am radiantly happy” is more effective than “I won’t be sad anymore.” Take some time to write out several different messages. Keep them short and concise.

As you read through them, one or more should jump out at you as the “perfect” message. The beauty of recording your own CDs is if you feel you didn’t nail the message the first time, or something else more appropriate pops into your head later, you can always rerecord the message.


3. Record your message, reading as if you were talking to yourself.

Since you’re not actually “hearing” your voice in a subliminal message, don’t worry if you don’t like how your speaking voice sounds. Most people are self-conscious of their voice on a recording. Just use a neutral tone, read the words and trust the message.


4. Choose the background sound track.

You’ll need music for your recording, what you’ll actually be listening to. Choose music that already has a personal meaning for you. You’ll be more apt to listen to it just because you already love it.


Tips & Warnings
Take your time crafting your message. There’s no rush to get it right; you can also rerecord your messages, if your needs change.


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