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How to Make a Romantic Dinner for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special day, and what would it be without a romantic meal for two? What makes a meal romantic?

Mostly attitude – your attitude and the attitude of your significant other. But you can help that romantic attitude along with a few of these tips.



1. Avoid Restaurants

Unless you both really enjoy crowds, eat in. Restaurants tend to be overcrowded on Valentine’s Day. And don’t even think about eating out unless you have a reservation.

Avoid Restaurants


2. Set the Stage

Make your Valentine feel extra special by taking the time to make the table romantic. Dim the lights, use lots of candles (ideally, not scented one that will complete with your food), turn on some soft music, and use linens (try one of Our Deer’s napkin folding article).

Nothing could be more romantic than an evening under the stars, but always have a back up plan in case it’s too cool. You don’t want your Valentine shivering throughout the meal.

Set the Stage


3. Plan Carefully

It may be tempting to prepare a three course meal made to impress, but you should spend your time focusing on your Valentine, not your kitchen. So choose a less complicated menu: A simple appetizer, if you like, a basic main dish, a side or two, and a dessert is perfect.

Be sure you’re cooking something your Valentine can enjoy; not everyone likes elaborate food, for example. If you know some of your Valentine’s favorite dishes, that’s an excellent place to start. Remember, too, you don’t want heavy meals that will make you both lethargic.

Plan Carefully


4. Try Some Sexy Foods

Aphrodisiacs – or foods thought to increase sexual desire – can be a fun addition to your Valentine’s Day meal. For ideas, check out my post about the world’s most sexy foods.

Try Some Sexy Foods


5. Cook Ahead

Cook as much of the food as possible before your Valentine arrives. It’s okay to have everything prepared and staying warm in the oven; in fact, it will make your house much more inviting.

If your Valentine likes to cook with you, you may want to ignore this “rule,” but even great chefs like to be pampered once in a while and have someone else do all the cooking.

Cook Ahead


6. Start Things Off Right

When your Valentine enters the house or room, give him or her a fresh bouquet. Everyone likes getting flowers.

Start Things Off Right


7. Presentation

Every great chef knows that how it looks matters nearly as much as how it tastes. Arrange the food carefully on plates, wiping up any drips or splatters. Generally, you’ll want to place the main meal item in the lower center of the plate and arrange some side dishes around it.



8. Relax

Don’t let accidents ruin the meal. If you burn something or it’s not cooked quite right, have a sense of humor and make it into a story your Valentine can grin at. Don’t fuss or become stressed. Let the evening be relaxed and both you and your.

Valentine will remember it for many years to come.



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How to Make a Romantic Dinner for Valentine's Day


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