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How to Make a Model of Your Belly

Expecting mothers may decide to have photos taken of their pregnant bellies to document their child’s growth. Another way to preserve the gestational process is to make a model of your belly. This model or cast is made with plaster shaped around your pregnant shape. Moms-to-be can select to model their stomachs in the last weeks of pregnancy when the belly is at its roundest state.

Once cast, your belly can be decorated as artwork or personalized for the child it is cast from. Parents can choose to hang the cast on the wall or even send it to off to a metal artist to be used as a mold for a bronze stomach-shaped sink. Recruit Daddy-to-be to assist in making the cast for a baby-bonding activity.


Ways to Make a Model of Your Belly

Make a Model of Your Belly


Prepare the work area by spreading newspaper over the floor. Place the chair in the middle of the newspapers. Drape the drop cloth or sheet over the chair. Place the bowl of water near the chair. Put on the gloves.

Prepare the belly by spreading petroleum jelly over the area that will be modeled. This will help protect your skin and fine body hair from the plaster. Place plastic wrap over the waistband of your pants or undergarments.

Sit in the chair. You will need to sit on the edge of the chair so your back does not touch the back. Sit up straight and remain still.

Wet the plaster strips by dipping them individually into the bowl of water. Once wet, have your assistant place the strip across your belly. He will need to start at the top and cover the entire surface of your belly. Overlap the strips approximately 1/4 inch to ensure there are no gaps. Place the 2- to 3-inch square over your navel.

Create multiple layers of plaster strips to ensure the model will be strong and rigid. Do not layer over the navel or it will lose definition.

Let the plaster dry for 30 minutes. You must sit still for the entire time the model is setting. The plaster will be dry when it is warm and starts to come away from your body. The model will also become heavier as it dries.

Slowly pull the model away from the belly. Place the model on a hard surface belly side up and leave to dry for two to three days.


Tips & Warnings

  • To make your belly model extra smooth, dip your fingers in the water and smooth over the strips of plaster after they are placed on the belly. Lightly sand the finished model with a fine grit sanding screen after it has dried for two to three days.
  • Use sharp scissors to trim the edges of the model if they are uneven from the plaster. Wait until the model has completely dried and then snip the edges with the scissors.


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