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How to Know If You Are Having An “Emotional Affair”

Just because you are married or in a serious relationship doesn’t necessarily mean you are immune to having a close meaningful friendship.

But if that friendship is with someone of the opposite sex it can feel more like an intimate companionship and can evolve into an “emotional affair”.


How to Know If You Are Having An “Emotional Affair”

Emotional Affair


1. Here are some “red flag” signals that show when that relationship is leaving the “just friends” and veering off into something else.


2. If you keep saying “We’re Just Friends” that usually means you are already rationalizing something you know is wrong.

If you find yourself daydreaming about him or her chances are the red flag is already raised. You probably don’t daydream about your other friends quite like this.


3. If you feel excited or your heart starts to race when you get ready to see this person then you are headed for trouble.

If they are the first person you want to share your news with then chances are this person has become your primary emotional confidant.


4. If you find yourself sharing intimate emotions especially if you are sharing problems within your marriage (or your relationship).

Then chances are you are having an “emotional affair” especially if you think this person understands you better than your spouse.


5. Before you think an “emotional affair” is harmless it usually isn’t.

With an emotional affair a person can feel closer to the other party but at some point may experience increasing sexual tension.


6. With a “sexual affair” a person makes a conscious decision whether or not to cheat.

But with an “emotional affair” boundaries often get blurred. It’s definitely not a conscious decision and it’s often hard to tell exactly when the lines have been crossed.


7. The internet offers so much accessibility these days to “emotional affairs”.

It’s so easy to rekindle old friendships by finding prior boyfriends (or girlfriends)or your first true love. What often starts off as an innocent friendship can easily turn into an “emotional affair” which puts your marriage (or relationship) in jeopardy.


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