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How to Keep Yourself From Staying Up Late

It seems so easy to pick the worst time to stay up late, especially when there’s important things to do the next day such as work, or taking a final exam!…(referring to my self). It is 3:43 AM right now and I’m still surfing the web!

Well I’ve thought about what I could have done during the day to prevent this from happening:


5 Steps to Keep Yourself From Staying Up Late

Staying Up Late

1. Wake up early in the first place!

The later and longer you sleep the harder it is to fall asleep at night. Waking up early lets you really spread out your energy through out the day so that when it’s time to hit the hay you’ll be more than happy to.


2. Get some exercise.

Use up that energy, it is there for a reason. Start with simple things such as walking around or dancing (that’s my personal favorite).


3. Don’t drink caffeine!

Okay so I know most of us will drink it anyway so I’ll say at least don’t drink it within seven hours of bed time, why? Because the effects of it can stay in your system for seven hours, and we all know that caffeine and trying to sleep do not mix as well as coffee and cream 😉


4. Begin the wind down process.

Break your self away from that computer, read a book for an hour, do something relaxing and calm to prepare your self for sleep.


5. Don’t take naps during the day!

I know it may seem hard with a nice and inviting bed where you can just lay down and drift away, but you may regret it when it’s time to really get some shut eye. Instead, stand up, stretch, get the energy going again to knock that sleepiness away for the later hours…

Okay, I’m gonna try for sleep now…night folks.


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