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How to Keep Your Head Up When All Seems Lost

In today’s world, so many drastic things have happened to so many levels of people, it can feel easy to get lost in sorrow and hopelessness. These are some key, proven tips to help you work through any tough times you are facing and remind yourself that although good times pass, so do bad times.

You may have heard all these tips either separately or in conjunction, but when you’re going through a sad period, sometimes it’s good to have a reminder.


Things You’ll Need

  • Determination to get through it
  • Belief in yourself
  • Support network


6 Steps to Keep Your Head Up When All Seems Lost

When All Seems Lost

1. Going through a drastic change or traumatic, unexpected event can cause anyone to seek cover and isolation.

While it is okay to do this every now and then, remember isolation should only last a short period of time. Regardless of things causing your current distress, you must force yourself to remain social, whether it be with friends and / or family.

Staying alone only compounds the issue and leads to deeper sorrows. When you are out with others, you realize you are not alone although everyone’s situation is unique and you need this type of support through tough times.


2. Try to write out your thoughts and course of action in a journal.

It helps to let out your feelings, even if it is just to yourself. You can reflect on the process as you go through it. Always keep in mind that there is a whole world out there waiting for you to discover. As you have heard before and this is completely true, remind yourself that when one door closes, another one opens.


3. Never undersestimate the stress relief pets provide, it is proven.

Let your pet love you during this time and love it back. This can only help.


4. Get your daily exercise and it’s even better if you can get it outdoors.

Exercise has so many benefits including making you feel better both mentally and physically.


5. Motivate yourself to step outside your box and learn new things that interest you and you did not make time for in your past.

Your current world may seem lost, but as you learn new things you open new worlds to yourself that you may have not known existed. You also build your confidence back up knowing that you can do other things.


6. If you have the means and the time try to see a professional therapist who specializes in the things you are going through.

Sometimes it’s quite helpful to have a professional to talk to, who will keep your conversations strictly confidential. They can also help get you back on the path away from your current distress with concrete steps and guidance.


Tips and Warnings

  • Remember that everyone goes through bad times and they always pass.
  • Believe in yourself and affirm that everyday.
  • Don’t let life knock you down.


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