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How to Keep Vibrations High & Energy Clean

The way you maintain your home or office space can have an impact on your physical and mental well-being. You are more likely to achieve success in life by keeping your positive energy flow balanced and intact.

You can make changes to attract positive energy and vibrations when creating a space for peace and achievement.


6 Steps to Keep Vibrations High & Energy Clean

How to Keep Vibrations High

1. Get rid of clutter.

An unorganized space repels positive vibrations and clean energy flow in the room or space, says Sheen Gabrielski, an interior designer and feng shui expert on The Epoch Times website. Clean dust and debris on the walls, floor and room corners.

Do away with things that you don’t use anymore or are not sentimentally important, such as clothes or utensils.


2. Organize your work space.

Remove unwanted files on your desktop and delete unimportant emails regularly. Shred old tax files, bills and other papers if they are no longer important.


3. Hang plants at your work space or at home to encourage positive energy flow.

Living things build clean energy, says Gabrielski. Place plants in areas where energy is blocked, such as room corners or cubicle. Gabrielski recommends plants such as bamboo palm, English ivy and peace lily as they clean impurities present in air. Check your local nursery for these plants.


4. Allow lots of sunlight inside to improve positive energy vibrations.

With natural light, a space becomes brighter and full of natural energy. Hang sheer, lightly-colored drapes at windows. If your room doesn’t have many windows, install mirrors so sunlight is reflected throughout the room.


5. Bring in high vibrations by arranging positive objects around your space.

Display items that represent what you want in your life. For example, if you want personal peace, hang pictures of people that make you happy or places where you were at peace with yourself and others. Show trophies, certificates and other symbols of achievement to bring in professional success and prosperity. Gabrielski suggests displaying bamboo plants, which are symbolic of strength and life.


6. Install water treatments.

Even small fountains that sit on your tables will do. Water represents life, strength and success, in feng shui. For water to be a positive energy source, it should be moving and not stagnant.


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