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How to Increase Sperm in the System

Sperm are male reproductive cells that are formed in the testicles of males. An embryo is created when a male releases semen into a female’s vagina and the sperm cells in the semen fertilize the female’s egg.

A normal sperm count for men is between 20 to 50 million sperm for each millimeter of semen released. There are a number of ways that you can increase your sperm count if you are trying to conceive a baby with your partner.


How to Increase Sperm Count (Step by Step)

How to Increase Sperm


Step 1

Have vaginal intercourse with your partner every other day, especially during the time of the month when she is ovulating. Having sex every other day or even every third day, instead of every day, will give your body time to replenish your sperm.


Step 2

Avoid using a hot tub or sauna while you are trying to conceive because it can kill your sperm, according to the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. During sex, do not use lubricants or spermicide because they can also destroy your sperm.


Step 3

Refrain from masturbating while you are trying to conceive a baby because if you ejaculate fewer times during a given day or week, you can increase your sperm count.


Step 4

Stop smoking cigarettes or marijuana, drinking excessively and/or using other drugs, such as steroids, because drugs can cause low sperm counts and/or harm your sperm.


Step 5

Eat a well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and foods that are high in vitamin C, zinc, folic acid and antioxidants. Maintain a healthy weight because obesity can affect your sperm count negatively.


Step 6

Exercise regularly so that your cells, including your sperm, are healthy. Do not ride a bicycle because this form of exercise can harm the nerves in your penis and cause your scrotum to overheat, thus lowering your sperm count, according to the Mayo Clinic.


Step 7

See a urologist to be checked out for varicoceles–inflamed veins in the scrotum that are caused by an excess of blood. They can be surgically repaired if they are affecting your sperm count.


Step 8

Visit your doctor to get injections of gonadotropin if your glands are generating deficient levels of hormones because lower hormone levels affect sperm counts.


Tips & Warnings

Wearing boxer shorts does not decrease your sperm count. It is a myth that briefs cause heat to accumulate in your scrotum and decrease your sperm count.

You naturally have a higher sperm count in the winter and a lower sperm count during the summer because of the weather, according to the Mayo Clinic.

If you have been trying to conceive a child with your partner without success for a year or longer, there is a chance that either you or she is infertile. You and your partner should see a doctor to get an infertility work-up. During a sperm analysis, a laboratory specialist measures your sperm count and the number of healthy and abnormal sperm in your semen.

Exposure to certain toxins, pollution and metals can affect your sperm count.


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