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How to Improve the Self-Esteem of a 15-Year-Old

Low self-esteem can affect many things in the life of a 15-year-old, from grades to self-image. If parents are not encouraging, self-esteem can plummet quickly. Helping a teenager to adjust her outlook and attitude can do wonders for her self-esteem and help all areas of her life, both big and small.

Self-esteem encompasses how we see ourselves physically, what we think we’re good or not good at, and, ultimately, how we feel inside. It also has to do with how important we think we are to others.


5 Steps to Improve the Self-Esteem of a 15-Year-Old

Improve the Self-Esteem

1. Expect a rational amount from your teenager.

Remain supportive and kind, even if your teen is struggling. Setting goals that are too high can have just as negative an effect as setting goals that are too low. Your teen may feel that the goals are unattainable, and he may get down on himself for not being able to reach them.


2. Listen to your teenager.

While it may be easy to still look at your 15-year-old as a child, respect her as a growing, maturing adult who is going through all of the stages that most of us went through during our teenage years.


3. Banish negative thoughts.

Even if your 15-year-old is struggling or fails at a task, thinking negatively will only worsen the problem. Instead, focus on how to fix the problem and how to promote positive thoughts.


4. Encourage your teen to write down in a journal one or two things every day that he feels proud of in himself.

A journal like this will be great to refer to during especially difficult times.


5. Encourage your teenager to try new things.

Experimenting with new interests and activities is a great way to not only find out what your teen is passionate about, but also what she is good at. On top of that, trying activities puts your teenager in a new social group, and she will probably end up making friends with people who have similar interests. Try participating in the activity as well, along with your teen.


Tips & Warnings
If your teenager is experiencing panic attacks, this could possibly point to a problem with low self-esteem. This is especially true if he has panic attacks in public places, which could leave him feeling embarrassed and nervous to return to another social setting.


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