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How to Help Dad Bond with a Newborn

Bonding with a newborn can seem like second nature to a new mom, but helping a new dad to bond with a newborn can be a challenge.

As the mom, it is absolutely necessary to help the dad overcome the many things that can stand between him and his newborn.


6 Steps to Help Dad Bond with a Newborn

How to Help Dad Bond with a Newborn

1. Remind dad that a newborn doesn’t need another mom, she needs a dad.

Often times dads are less confident about bonding with a newborn because they feel as though all the newborn’s needs are being met by mom. By offering a kind reminder that dads offer different comfort, you can help your husband feel needed.


2. Ask for help. Don’t take on the role of I am mom and I can do it all.

Have dad watch, hold, comfort and care for the baby frequently. This means without you standing over his shoulder telling him what to do.


3. Encourage the dad to hang out in the house or the yard with the newborn in a snugli.

This is a great comfort to the baby and allows them to have bonding time while also getting some chores done around the house.


4. Support playtime with dad.

Even the youngest of newborns love to dance, sing and have lots of physical contact. Let dad share, if not lead these activities.


5. Take turns with everyday baby responsibilities.

Such as giving bottles, bathing and diaper changing, as well as with the hopefully rare colicky nights. Baby needs to understand that comfort can come from both mom and dad.


6. Communicate openly about your newborn, allowing the dad to offer his thoughts and observations.

He doesn’t want to sit there and have the mom tell him all about his own baby, he wants to share in the conversation.


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