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How to Help an ADHD Child Learn to Spell

Spelling is a crucial skill for both adults and children so they can effectively communicate using the written word. If you have a child or a student with ADHD who is having difficulty learning to spell, then you probably need some advice on how to help.

With a few creative approaches and dedication, you can make the learning process more fun and more successful.


5 Steps to Help an ADHD Child Learn to Spell

ADHD Child Learn to Spell

1. Include spelling throughout the day.

While you are playing, eating or running errands, take a word from context and ask your child to spell it. This game will reinforce the importance of spelling and give an extra, quick lesson on frequently used or challenging words.


2. Utilize different materials to spell words out.

By using fun supplies, you will keep your child interested in the learning process. Go to your local craft supply store and purchase alphabet stickers, cut-out paper letters or magnetic letters. Other options would be chalk, paint or even letter stamps.


3. Make use of color to help with memory.

For frequently misspelled words, you may want to add color to the lessons. By writing a word in different colors or by highlighting part of the word, the child may be able to soak the information in better.


4. Use music to help retain information.

Replace the words of a well-known song with spelling words. For example, change the words of “BINGO” to sing about apples instead, or make up a new tune and spell everyday words to it.


5. Stand up and move around.

Bringing movement to the lesson will bring excitement into learning difficult words. Jump up and down while spelling out words, use a ball to bounce out the letters or have a free dance while everyone spells the same word together.


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