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How to Have an Adventure

When you feel as though life has become boring and hum drum, step outside your door and have an adventure.

It doesn’t have to be planned or outlandish, because there are adventures everywhere you turn.


How to Have an Adventure


Use Your Imagination

Pitch a tent in your back yard, build a well-contained fire, make smores and have an adventure telling ghost stories with your family or friends.

Take a weekend trip to nearby caverns or a river. Kayaking and spelunching can be a wonderful adventure for all involved. Make sure you have the right equipment and bring someone with you who can show the ropes if you are a newbie.

Read a book with lots of adventure. Have a blast with Huck Finn or Harry Potter. You don’t have to risk your life or health to have an adventure in your mind. Read these books with your kids or alone on rainy or snowy days.

Try your hand, and foot, at rock climbing. Especially if there are rocks of all sizes for you to climb on near your home. You can easily gear up and have an adventure within a few hours drive.

Plan a trip to an exotic locale. There are trips for anything from an African safari to cycling tours through some of the greatest cities in the world. Try an adventure for your next family vacation that no one will forget.

Tour a zoo, botanical garden or museum to have an adventure of the mind. You can learn about animals or eras that can change your outlook on life.


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How to Have an Adventure


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