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How to Handle New Employee Orientation

Getting a new employee off on the right foot is crucial to future success with the company. A good program will orient a new employee to the entire company, not just to his position.

But personal benefits and work spaces should be covered thoroughly as well.

New Employee Orientation


Give the Grand Tour

Don’t just show him his office area; show him where the bathrooms are and the kitchen or cafeteria. Bring him on a tour of the manufacturing floor if it is appropriate. Be enthusiastic and sell the company.


Review Benefits in Greater Detail

In many cases, she was only half listening the first time she heard about the benefits; she was too excited about getting the job offer. Now is the time to go over the details and explain what you offer and how much the job pays as well as how much the company pays for providing a good plan.


Review General Policies and Procedures

If you have a handbook, don’t just hand him a copy of it and expect him to know it. You should go through it page by page and have him sign off that he knows and understands the policies. You may need this some day.


Have The Employee Fill Out All Critical Forms

The I-9 form, the tax forms and a formal application for employment in full detail is needed for his files. Also, nondisclosures, intellectual property agreements and any other legal documents as dictated by the type of business.


Review Safety Procedures And Provide Safety Training

Make sure he signs off on the fact that he has been through formal safety training and orientation at the outset of his employment. Take the time to be thorough in training new employees.


Introduce Hto His Work Mates

Walk him around to meet everyone but also spend time with him in his own group. If possible, have a getting-to-know-you breakfast or other meal. Nothing brings people together better than food.


Post A Notice About Him And is Background

Also, remember to put an announcement in the company newsletter. Make him feel welcome and important. Maybe have a buddy program where you pair him up with an experienced employee. What about a free office plant for every new hire? There are lots of nice little things you can do.


Ask Him What Questions or Concerns He May Have

Give him a chance to give you feedback about the interview and hiring processes so you can make improvements to your systems. Getting an employee comfortable and happy on the first day of work could mean the difference between a productive and a disgruntled employee.


Conduct a Job Interview

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