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How to Handle Changes in Your Life

Handling change is about handling stress. Changes of any kind in your life, whether perceived as good or bad, take a toll on our bodies.

Stress is caused by any drastic change from the norm, including moving, dealing with divorce, being in wedding or landing a new job.


5 Steps to Handle Changes in Your Life

Changes in Your Life

1. Recognize the symptoms of stress when the first signs rear their heads.

Feeling irritable, anxious, depressed, shut down or developing sweaty palms or muscle tension are some symptoms. Be familiar with what your stress symptoms are.


2. Identify the change that is causing the stress.

Once you’re aware of exactly what the stressor is, you can better deal with it. Pinpointing the change has a calming effect. Instead of obliviously feeling the effects of helplessness, this is the first action in taking control.


3. Kick denial to the curb and deal with the stressor.

Look it in the face and acknowledge it. Whether it’s a feeling of being overwhelmed with more homework or housework than usual, it’s time to make a plan to deal with what causes the stress in your life.


4. Analyze how you could best go about coming to terms with this stress.

Determine a plan that can keep you from the ominous feeling of, “oh no.” Acquiring a new job can cause stress even if it’s exciting. Perhaps leaving your dog at home all day alone causes you worry and anxiety. Whatever it is that’s bothering you, make a plan.


5. Learn how to prevent stress in the future.

Change is inevitable, but health problems develop if you avoid stress relief. Eliminate alcohol and decrease the amount of caffeine consumed everyday. Take up an exercise routine of your choice on a regular basis. Exercise is a perfect stress reliever that releases calming endorphins, keeping you balanced and at ease when change is afoot.


Tips & Warnings
When stress from change becomes overwhelming, seek out a therapist who can help you prioritize, calm and center.


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