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How to Give Your Wife a Ring

While there isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t enjoy receiving a gift, it is important to remember that presentation is just as important as the actual present. If you want to gift your wife a ring, remember that your desire to surprise her is most likely born out of a deep sense of love and affection.

As such, the presentation of the ring should be accompanied by a romantic gesture that highlights the emotional value of the gift. Here is one romantic idea for you to try.


12 Steps to Give Your Wife a Ring

How to Give Your Wife a Ring

1. Time the presentation of the ring correctly

Ideally, you should pick a day when neither of you has to work and you know that she won’t be distracted by other responsibilities.


2. Plan ahead

The day before the surprise, clean the house so that she won’t have to worry about laundry or dirty dishes. Take extra care to make the bedroom orderly and comfortable. If your wife asks why you are doing this, tell her you want to give her a break. This will make her feel special and set the mood for the surprise.


3. Arrange for child care for the day you plan on giving her the ring. Ideally, a baby sitter should arrive a little before the kids wake up and stay until they go to bed that evening.

Another option is to send the kids to a friend or relative’s house for a few days.


4. Turn your wife’s alarm clock off without her noticing

This is best done after she is already asleep. Set the alarm on your phone to vibrate and place it beside you in bed to make sure that you will wake up before she does.


5. Allow your wife to sleep in

When you think she might wake up soon, carefully get out of bed and head to the kitchen.


6. Prepare a delicious breakfast of her favorite foods

For an extra special treat, consider including chocolate-dipped strawberries and a mimosa.


7. Take the breakfast tray to the bedroom

If your wife is already awake, hand her the tray and say, “I am so glad I woke up beside you this morning.” If she is still sleeping, set the tray aside and gently kiss her on the cheek to wake her up.


8. Allow your wife to eat her breakfast and explain that you have arranged for her to have a day without any responsibilities

Tell her you want to spend the whole day with her.


9. Wait until your wife is almost ready to get out of bed and say, “I have something special I want to give you.”


10. Take the ring box out of the bedside dresser and slowly open it so that she can see what is inside.


11. Kiss her hand and slip the ring onto her finger.


12. Give yourself the rest of the day to bond as a couple

You might want to plan other special activities, but the most important thing is to feel close with one another. If staying in bed or watching TV would accomplish this, then that is what you should do.


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