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How to Give Your Husband a Loving Treat

We all need to be treated every now and then to remember how loved and appreciated we are by those we are closest to. “Only when we give joyfully, without hesitation or thought of gain, can we truly know what love means,” said the late Dr. Leo Buscaglia, who was an education professor and widely published author on the topic of human relationships.

Show your husband how much you love him by giving him a special treat that honors his individuality, takes the weight off his shoulders, or speaks to his inner child.


4 Steps to Give Your Husband a Loving Treat

How to Give Your Husband a Loving Treat


1. Plan a date night that is all about him — a night that revolves around his needs, wants, tastes and desires.

Rent his favorite movie or take him to that manly flick he’s been wanting to see. Cook his favorite meal and buy a six-pack of his favorite beer. Take him to his favorite store and treat him to a new shirt or outfit.

Wear that annoying lingerie that you know he loves. Offer to massage his tired back or his feet. Finally, let him be the Master of Ceremonies in the bedroom. Spoil him silly by putting your needs second for the night.


2. Give your husband two tickets to an event he would really appreciate and let him choose whom to invite.

Buy tickets to a movie, sporting event, musical concert, wine tasting or other event your husband would particularly like. Tell him he can invite one of his buddies.

This gesture is loving because it acknowledges him as a separate person with separate interests from your own, and it also shows that you respect his need to spend quality time bonding with his friends.


3. Pack him lunch.

A small act of kindness can go a long way to communicate love and can benefit all areas of your marriage, according to Marianne Clyde, a licensed marriage and family therapist, in a post on her professional website.

On a Sunday night, pack well-rounded lunches for him to bring to work for the entire week. Cover your counter with all the lunch foods in your fridge and partition them into five separate bags or containers. To be extra sweet, add a small handwritten note and a tiny wrapped chocolate to each baggy before sealing and labeling with the days of the week.

Packing his lunch for an entire week is a loving gesture that communicates that you care about his time — not to mention his health.


4. Give your husband a literal treat by buying all the ingredients for a build-your-own ice-cream sundae.

Fill the kitchen counter with a variety of flavors of ice-cream, and toppings like fruit, chocolate sauces, candies, nuts and whipped cream.

Watch his eyes light up with this truly loving gesture that will evoke his inner little boy.


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