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How to Give a Nickname to Your Wife

Giving a nickname to your wife is not as simple as you may think. It is rife with potential problems and pitfalls.

Men, have no fear, since I have put together a few sensible steps to help you navigate these dangerous waters.


Names to Avoid Completely

1. Remember that your wife is not your dog.

You do not want to refer to her with names that you use for pets. The whole category is out the window if you want your wife to stay in the same bed.


2. Another category to avoid is ex-lovers’ former nicknames.

Your wife has that incredible radar sense that will absolutely know. If your former lover was “Sugar Pie” to you, then maybe it is time to switch up–immediately.


3. Avoid the common mistake we make as men to nickname our wives without paying attention to the inferences.

You must consider weight when nicknaming your wife. If your wife is a bit hefty, calling her “Sweet Large” is probably not a good idea. “Twiggy” does not work for skinny wives, either.


Give a Nickname


So, What Can I Use?

1. Focus on the positive things about your wife.


2. Ask yourself what you love about your wife.

Does she have great big, beautiful eyes that shine the brightest green? If so, then “My Green-Eyed Baby” goes over well. Does she have a great smile? Simply “Smiley” would be a great love name.


3. Use your wife’s personality traits that you love.

If she laughs a lot and is happy all the time, then go with something that shows that. If she always brings out the best in you, then go with something that represents that. The key is to make the nickname endearing.


4. Use any and all parts of your history together to come up with a special name.

If you met your wife for the first time at a karaoke bar, then use this as your term of endearment. “My Karaoke Angel” is bound to go over quite well, for example.


5. Remember that a nickname for your wife should be loving and not hurtful.

Take the time to give it some thought before springing it on her. She will appreciate it.


Tips & Warnings
Never call your wife names that are vulgar, and do not use nicknames to belittle that woman you love.


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