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How to Get Triple AAA Credit Fast

Are you tired of being turned down because of bad credit. Have you tried to have you credit repaired and it turned into a disaster well here’s away to do it yourself and get amazing results.


Things You’ll Need

  • Vehicle
  • A Little Cash


4 Steps to Get Triple AAA Credit Fast

AAA Credit Fast

1. You can take about 200 dollars cash to a bank and deposit into a savings account wait a couple of days for the account to post and then go back and ask for a $200 loan.

If you use your saving account as collateral the banks will not do a credit or employment check. When you receive the money back take it to another bank and do the same step.


2. When you repeat the steps at bank number 2 you will now take the money and go to bank number 3.

Try to get a decent repayment plan from each bank, make it for a couple of months. Take your account book with you every time because they will ask for it.


3. When you get the $200 dollars back from the third bank after a couple of days make your first monthly payment on all 3 banks, a week later make another payment and about a week later make the third payment.

You will have paid about 60 dollars on each bank. You should have 3 A-1 credit ratings on your report.


4. A faster way to do achieve great credit is to have a friend that has excellent credit add you on one of his credit cards.

Ensure him or her you will tear up the card or give them the card back once you receive it in the mail. When you receive the card wait a couple of days and then check you credit report his excellent credit file should be added to yours now.


Tips and Warnings

  • Make sure the banks you go to report to the same credit bureau
  • Dress nice it will make a good impression


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