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How to Get Travel Insurance to Travel Within England

You thought about getting travel insurance before your trip, but with all of the packing and reading up on Cockney slang, you forgot to do it before you arrived in England. Or maybe you’ve decided to extend your holiday, or had something come up which keeps you in England.

You’ve been hearing tales of emergencies abroad that involved staggering costs. So now you’ve decided to get insurance. Read on to learn how to get travel insurance to travel within in England.


6 Steps to Get Travel Insurance to Travel Within England

How to Get Travel Insurance to Travel Within England


1. Determine the type of coverage that you would like to have, depending on the nature and duration of your trip.

There are different types of insurance policies available, each tailored for different travelers’ needs, including Single Trip, Annual Multi-Trip, Backpackers, Family Travel and even Seniors’ travel insurance policies. You can also add extras such as sports, golf clubs or identity theft, to name just a few.


2. Shop around to get quotes from different insurance providers.

Travel insurance for England can commonly be obtained from a travel agency, tour operator and some insurance agencies, among other providers. Obtain quotes from online providers as well.


3. Review the coverage types and limits offered, and ask questions if you are unclear about anything.

The most common types of coverage offered include interrupted stay, emergency care (including medical transport and treatment), theft and baggage loss. Keep in mind that there is a difference between travel insurance, which only covers the amount of your monetary investment, and travel medical insurance, which covers the costs if you get ill or need medical attention.


4. Go through the policies’ restrictions and exclusions carefully.

It is essential to know what you will and will not be covered for. General exclusions include war, nuclear accidents and epidemics, but they might also exclude any medical treatment for a pre-existing condition.


5. Compare the different quotes that you obtain.

Typically, the cost should be 5 to 12 percent of the expense of the entire trip. Your age, health and the trip’s full cost are also factored in. Compare the relative costs of each quote you obtain with the coverage offered by the different insurers as well as your own travel needs. The least expensive policy is not necessarily the best deal you can get.


6. Contact the insurer you choose to purchase your insurance from.

Make sure to get information on their customer service, claims and the claims process.


Tips and Warnings

  • When you purchase Family Travel Insurance, many companies offer free insurance for those under 18.
  • In England, both hospitals and medical providers expect full payments for service upfront, which your insurer will refund afterward.
  • Insurance companies will refuse to pay for any accidents you have when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


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