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How to Get Travel Insurance Soon After Hospitalization

Travel insurance covers several issues that may arise during travel such as delays, damages, accidents and medical needs. When you book a trip, you typically purchase these insurance policies.

Purchasing travel insurance after being hospitalized can be a delicate situation. Disclose your hospitalization with your travel representative when you purchase the insurance. Otherwise, you might be uncovered.


4 Methods to Get Travel Insurance Soon After Hospitalization

How to Get Travel Insurance Soon After Hospitalization

1. Get medical clearance from your doctor

You must be “medically stable” which means that your condition is not seen as getting worse. Do not try to purchase the insurance until after you have received full clearance.


2. Have the condition that caused the hospitalization under control

If the doctor has prescribed medication, and that medication will keep the condition under control and your condition will not worsen, you should be able to get the travel insurance.


3. Get the travel insurance during the pre-existing condition waiver period

This policy is written within given periods of time from booking the trip and when payments are received. Each company varies.

This waiver is only a good faith policy, and if you make claims, then there will be a “look back period” where the company reviews your medical history. These periods range anywhere from 60 days to180 days from the date you purchased the policy.


4. Discuss your medical issue with the travel agent or professional

She will determine what requirements you have on purchasing travel insurance. This will let you know exactly what will or won’t be covered before you set off on your trip.


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