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How to Get Rid of Negative Beliefs

Holding onto negative beliefs may be destructive in many ways. They may cause you to feel drained, depressed and overall disenchanted with life. You may feel like what you believe is true; however, even if it is what you are used to hearing and seeing all around you, there is a good chance that if it is so draining, it may not have its roots in reality.

To determine if a belief you have is negative and then get rid of it, there are a few positive steps you can take to achieve peace of mind and happiness.


5 Steps to Get Rid of Negative Beliefs

Get Rid of Negative Beliefs

1. Confide in a valued friend.

Friendship has healing power that is very effective when it comes to solving difficulties in life. Letting a close friend know that you are wrestling with negative beliefs will help you determine why it is you have these beliefs, where they originated, and what the truth really is. Be honest when disclosing to your friend so you can get the best help possible.


2. Take comfort in religious faith.

Faith offers new beliefs that are positive, constructive and overall beneficial for life. People who have a constant religious faith have a foundation to turn to when they are in a crisis and a solid set of principles to keep with them at all times. These good beliefs tend to overpower the negative ones.


3. Seek professional counseling.

This is especially beneficial in more extreme cases, when negative beliefs are taking over a person’s thought life. Tell your counselor about everything you are struggling with, or write out a list of the bad thoughts you have before you go to your appointment. Your counselor may be able to suggest alternative thoughts when you become trapped in a negative one.


4. Find refuge in beautiful music.

Beautiful music can calm your spirit, inspire your mind and enlighten your soul. If you are having a difficult time trying to fight negative beliefs, simply listening to a beautiful song may help to clear your mind just enough to pinpoint the belief and discard it. Try listening to soft piano music or a folk song when you are sad.


5. Counter your negative beliefs with the truth.

This is the most clear-cut way to eliminate negative beliefs. If you have a negative thought, attempt to stop your train of thought right then and challenge what you thought. Think of examples that are contrary to this negative belief. It also helps to write down the negative beliefs you have and then write down clear reasons why they are not true. Keep referring to your list when you are stuck in a destructive mindset.


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